Community Food Bank
Double Check Ranch
Green Dining Network

Community & Sustainability

We are committed to providing natural products whenever possible and currently provide:

  • Locally raised, grassfed beef from Double Check Ranch for our all natural Meatloaf
  • Organic Mixed Greens,
  • Organic Fuji Apples,
  • Hormone Free Chicken

In addition we:

  • Donate all used oil to be recycled as BioDiesel Fuel
  • Use Napkins made from 100% Recycled Paper, Compostable Sugar Cane To-Go Containers, Biodegradable Straws & To-Go Cutlery, Coffee Cups/Cold Cups made with Corn Starch, and “Plastic” Bags made from 35% Recycled Material

Help us help the planet by conserving and only using what you need!

We also offer a gluten-free menu.